The Redcroft Journals -Volume One - The Missing Journal
    Zak Stone lives with his parents and older brother Adam in the seemingly ordinary village of Redcroft. When elderly resident Bernie Watts dies, it sparks life-changing supernatural events for Zak, his family, and their beautiful and mysterious neighbour, Natalie. Fearful secrets unfold when Zak and Natalie find themselves thrown together to unravel Bernie’s extraordinary life and legacy. His Journals guide them on their quest and warn them to protect the future from the sinister dark creatures that are watching them. Keeping it all a secret becomes increasingly difficult, yet reveals some interesting insights into their family ties and the history of Redcroft
    The Redcroft Journals - Volume Two - The Raven Stones
    The Redcroft teenagers have more than one type of demon to fight as The Raven Stones unveils some uncomfortable truths and some untapped feelings. Zak, Natalie, Adam and Lizzy have just arrived home from the past, narrowly escaping a dark demon creature known as a Simoreele. Since their return, not only have some artefacts and journals vanished, but one of the village residents now seems to have never existed. The time travellers question whether they caused a rift in the time-line and endeavour to unravel the mystery. Soon they find themselves embroiled in a new quest and a WWII rescue mission. Their individual supernatural abilities uncover some surprising new allies and some dangerous new enemies.
  3. The Redcroft Journals - Volume Three - The Lion Scrolls
    Due for release Winter 2017/18. Please sign up for a newsletter or contact me if you wish to read the first Chapter before release.
  4. The Redcroft Journals - Volume Four - Chapter of Angels
    For release 2018