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Writing is an art, words can motivate, inspire and change the world. Many famous speeches are so - as they have been delivered with authority and presence. And, many speeches and phrases within them have such a powerful impact that they raise the hairs on your arms and a fire in your belly. This is the skill of the wordsmith and the orator.
Writing and Formatting
Speech, Address, and Presentation Delivery
"Make Me Memorable!"
If you need help writing and/or delivering a speech, whether it is as a keynote speaker, political address, fund raiser, event organiser, wedding speech or business conference then I can help.

If you need a conversational, informative or persuasive speech, I will deliver what you need. Always entirely confidential - I will work with you until you are completely satisfied.

Time is money! Have you heard that said? It is true – So stop wasting time on tasks that could be done by someone else, and spend more time doing the things that make you happy and make you money.

Professional Speechwriting

Writing a speech can be a daunting task, sometimes listening to a speech can be equally daunting! But, you won’t need to worry about that if you hire a professional speechwriter, because it’s their job to turn daunting into dynamic and make your address memorable for the audience.

Client Consultation

We consult with the client to gain a feel for the purpose of the speech or presentation and to understand the objective. And we offer affordable services to meet every pocket. 

Work With The Client

 We work with the client on the first edit, discuss initial feedback and re-edit. If you already have a speech/presentation but want it updating or altering we can assist with this too.

Research and Collaborate

 We research and familiarise ourselves with the specific socio or political context, jargon and relevant materials.


We provide the client with as much support in the deliverance of the speech/presentation as required. This may be one to one mentoring or attendance to the event. (some specialist services are charged at a separate rate)
Kristina lives in Auckland, New Zealand with her family. She previously worked as a lecturer in the UK at Exeter College in the Creative Industries teaching Drama, Performing and Production arts. Always having a love for the arts she attended drama school in childhood, appeared in the theatre many times, both as a child and an adult and later gained degrees in Theatre & Performance and also in Performance Production (Scriptwriting). Further post graduate study at Masters resulted in her specialising in creative writing - scriptwriting and teaching.

Kristina has written many speeches for business conferences, political and charitable organisations, religious leaders and of and course weddings, eulogies and personal events. 

"The most useful tool I have in my speechwriting tool box, is my ability to fully sympathise with the client. I like to get to know them well so I can hear their voice and imagine them making the speech. It's always about the client - the orator - they make the speech or presentation memorable, meaningful and magnificent"  
Kristina Eden-Norman.
BA (hons) FdA PGCE  
Author and Professional writer

"Every great speech must be purposeful, use some rhetorical devices and finish in the future."

Member of the:

UK Speechwriters Guild
European Speechwriter Network

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